Blizzard shares the top 10 insane plays of the Overwatch League 2018 season


‘With help from fans’

Some of my favorite Overwatchplays usually involve Tracer, many of which have come from Nenne of XL2 Academy (the academy team of New York Excelsior). There’s at least one of those in this “top 10” video roundup from the Overwatch League, which showcases some of the best plays of the 2018 season.

As a reminder the inaugural season is done, all four stages are complete, and now it’s onto the playoffs and grand finals. The festivities will kick off on July 11 with the Philadelphia Fusion against the Boston Uprising, followed by London Spitfire versus the Los Angeles Gladiators.Right now Excelsior and Valiant have the best records, with the former only losing six total games in this entire 40 game season. While Excelsior are the favorites Valiant isn’t a team to sleep on with playmakers like Soon in the mix.

You still have a week and some change yet until all that madness, so kick back and enjoy the plays.

It wasn’t easy picking the top 10 plays of the #OWL2018 season but with some help from our fans we managed to.

These are our top 10 plays of the season!

— Overwatch League (@overwatchleague) June 27, 2018