Bloodstained backer demo rolling out soon along with a new story trailer


Check your surveys: the story of Kickstarter

Like any Kickstarter Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night hit a few bumps in the road, most notably the recent delay of the E3 backer demo.

It was delayed last week, but in record time project lead IGA (Koji Igarashi) has announced that surveys are going out for the demo, and you should get it in your hands soon as long as you backed at the $60 or higher tier. In case you were wondering what that demo actually entails, IGA explains it best: “We are heading to the castle by ship, passing through the ruined village and then through the castle entrance.”

Oh and there’s a new story trailer too, which showcases a lot of stuff we’ve seen before and a decent amount of footage. Some of the visuals (the locales mainly) are a bit of a take it or leave it thing, but I dig the 2D action so far — here’s hoping it’ll deliver whenever it’s actually out!