Boss-battling action game Furi hits PC, PS4 soon


Afro Samurai’s Takashi Okazaki was involved, hence that bunny

Cool as it looks, Furi is one of those games that can easily get lost in the shuffle. Let’s not let that happen! As a refresher, this is a boss-combat game with swordfighting, twin-stick shooting, dodging, parrying, and other swell-sounding elements that could make for a satisfying action experience.

In The Game Bakers’ own words, it is “heavily inspired by the Japanese way of making games. It’s not trying to be realistic in its style or animations. It’s fast-paced and requires a lot of timing, reflex, and judgment. When you press a button, the character reacts immediately.”

If you missed it, definitely check out this uninterrupted boss fight from a while back.

The studio is bringing Furi to PC and PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, July 5, so, only a couple of weeks left to go. It’s coming in at $24.99, which is a little higher than I was expecting. Whether the concept works will largely depend on how it feels, of course, but also the difficulty balancing. I’m hopeful.