Microsoft's Xbox One Elite bundle is now $100 off


That’ll be $349, please

We wrote about the Xbox One sale last Fridayand apparently Microsoft isn’t content with the rate at which the Xbox One Elite bundles are being sold at — it has kicked up the discount by a further $50 to $349 (for a total of $100 off). The original list price of the Xbox One Elite was $499, which has since dropped to $449, and now we’re looking at $349 for the 1TB SSHD-equipped machine during this impromptu sale.

Also included in the premium bundle is the expensive (and apparently quite good*) Xbox One Elite controller, valued at $150. (Plus a spiffy carrying case for your $150 gaming controller).

Savvy shoppers will note that the $349 Elite bundle sale price did show up momentarily during the weekend, but it quick sold out.

It now appears that Microsoft has rounded up whatever pallets of Xbox One Elite bundles it has stored up in the warehouse because supply has been going steady as of this afternoon. Note that with the $100 off promotion, you’ll also receive a free regular Xbox One controller plus an additional free game, so you can finally let Jimmy hold onto to something when he comes over for the weekly Minecraft session.

No expiration date has been provided at the Microsoft Store, but we suspect the deal will run through the month or until supplies last. Note that it is also available at Amazon, but without the free additional controller or game.

*We’ve never tried a Xbox One Elite controller beyond a cursoryglance — we’re not made of money!