Breakers Collection sees the niche '90s fighter return for one more round


Rila Returns!

In surprising but thoroughly welcome news, developer QuByte Interactive has announced that obscure ’90s fighter Breakers is getting set to see re-release on PC and consoles in 2021.

Developed by Visco Corporation and originally released in 1996 and 1998 respectively, Breakers and Breakers’ Revenge are 2D fighting titles which captured the audio/visual and gameplay style of SNK’s classic one-on-one fighting games such as Fatal Fury and King of Fighters. The new Breakers Collection will include both titles along with new content such as the all-important Online VS. mode.

While hardly the most mainstream of fighting games, featuring gameplay that was arguably dated even at the time of release, both Breakers and its sequel remain solid titles, featuring attractive, colourful graphics and a roster of amusing (and suspiciously familiar) characters. These include my girl Rila, who I’ve even taken into battle in a tournament environment. (Yes, Breakers still has a tightly-held place in the FGC).

Breakers Collection will launch in 2021 on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Breakers Collection launches in 2021 [Gematsu]