I'm going to die way too much in Overcooked 2's free Moon Harvest levels


I’m not walking on sunshine

I like to start Overcooked 2 levels with a “practice run” – a chance to see where the ingredients are, how we’re meant to flow around the room and navigate obstacles, and who should be on top of each duty.

I can already tell the very temporary (and very narrow) lily pad walkways in the Moon Harvest update are going to be trouble for me. The free Overcooked 2 update went out earlier today on all platforms. On the bright side, mooncakes. We’ll be whipping up cute fruit-filled treats for the ravenous crowd.

Like other recent updates, this one can be accessed from the Seasonal Updates option in Extras.

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X getting Overcooked: All You Can Eat, this might be one of the final updates for Overcooked 2. It’s been wonderful! (Aside from all the times I pissed off my girlfriend.)