Bruce Willis declares that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie


Bah humbug

At the end of his yet-to-be-aired Comedy Central Roast, famed action star and older Joseph Gordon-Levitt Bruce Willis made a declaration that sent shockwaves around the world.

Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!” shouted the unfriendly Shyamalan ghost.

John McClane himself said this knowing full well that he’d ruffle some feathers with such a definitive statement.Die Hardis usually the go-to “fun”answer for the question of “what is your favorite Christmas movie,” and here comes Ebenezer Scrooge to machine gun your enjoyment. I have mixed feelings about this.

It probably isn’t surprising to you, myself being a Flixist writer, that I’m generally known in my circles as “the movie guy.” Hence, every holiday season I will receive at least one inquiry from a friend asking whether or notDie Hardis a Christmas movie. Every one of these clever bastards think they’re the first person to ever bring this up to me, and perhaps if Willis’s declaration is taken as gospel, these people will finally shut the hell up.

On the other hand, I’d like to pose some questions to Bruce Willis—Walter, if I may (that’s right,I know how to read Wikipedia). IfDie Hardisn’t a Christmas movie, then what is? Are Shane Black movies no longer Christmas movies?Gremlins? DoesDie Hardnot embody the universal holiday themes of family and cheer? What the hell else am I supposed to watch every Christmas eve with my family now, someclaymation bullshit? Am I to subject my future children toJingle All the Way?

Slippery slope, Walter. Slippery slope.

Bruce Willis Says ‘Die Hard’ Is Not a Christmas Movie, Is Wrong[/Film]