Bungie clarifies some aspects of the 'new era' of Destiny 2


They won’t have a booth at E3

Yesterday Google and Bungie tag-teamed a series of Destiny 2news announcements that prepared players for a new chapter of the game’s lifecycle.

The big reveals were that the game was coming to Google Stadia and Steam (instead of Battle.net), and that cross-save was happening for all platforms. They also stated that the base portion of Destiny 2was going free-to-play, and over the course of the evening, further clarified some of the finer points of that facet of their future (and noted that they won’t be attending E3 traditionally, with a booth).

First off, as they intimated on stream, Battle.net PC players will be able to move their PC purchase off of the platform and onto Steam for free. They’re announcing the process “later this summer,” and it will consist of “just a few quick steps” to move your character, vault (bank), and all progress over. Bungie says to “watch this space,” as the process has its own landing page. Similarly, the “first steps” to cross-save will happen later this summer, facilitated through Bungie.net.

As for the free-to-play version it’s actually called “New Light” and will be available on the same date as the upcoming expansion, September 17. “Every platform” will allow you to download New Light, and you basically get everything beforeYear Two of the game (so no Forsaken) for free, as well as the chance to participate in open world activities with friends. If you want the Year TwoForsakenexpansion and its season pass (it’s bundled now) you pay up and you can play it. The same goes for the upcoming expansion.

The last bit of Destiny 2‘s Year Two content, the Season of Opulence, also arrived. You can find a full “known issue” list below so you know what to watch out for. Outside of Opulence and some other ancillary live updates, you’re waiting until September 17’s Shadowkeepexpansion as far as major content is concerned.

This Week at Bungie [Bungie.net]

Season of Opulence known issues:

  • Crown of Sorrow Joining in Progress:Players who join in progress during the Crown of Sorrow raid’s first encounter will spawn in dead outside of the encounter space. To mitigate this issue, all fireteam members must join up in Orbit prior to launching the Crown of Sorrows raid activity.
  • Pools in the Crown of Sorrow Raid:Players who step outside of a Witch’s Blessing pool right as it is captured can block certain encounters from starting. It’s recommended to stay inside the pool until it’s 100% captured.
  • Menagerie Gauntlet Respawns:We are investigating an issue where players who die during the Gauntlet encounter in the Menagerie may be blocked from respawning until the encounter is completed.
  • Allegiance Quest:We are investigating an issue where players cannot progress past Spider’s Black Market in the Allegiance quest.
  • Ikora or Drifter Beacons:We are investigating an issue where Ikora or Drifter may be beaconing players in the Tower Director map, depending on who players chose during the Allegiance quest.
  • Machine Gun Reserves Perk:We are investigating an issue where the Machine Gun Reserves perk is no longer available on some armor.
  • Sturm “Accomplice” Perk:We are investigating an issue whereSturm‘s “Accomplice” perk is not reloading Energy weapons other thanDrangandDrang (Baroque).
  • PC Chat /Invite and /Join Commands:We’re investigating an issue where these commands no longer work if the player isn’t on a player’s friends list.
  • PC Silver Purchases:We’re investigating an issue where PC players cannot purchase Silver throughDestiny 2. PC players may still purchase Silver through the Battle.net app or website, and they must relaunchDestiny 2for the Silver to show up.
  • Eververse Exotic Ghosts and Projections:We are aware of an issue where Ghost projections can’t be previewed on Season 7 Eververse Exotic Ghosts.
  • Revelry Proud Reveler Perk:We’re aware that the Proud Reveler perk shows up on the character screen when players wear Revelry armor.