Bungie finally addresses Destiny's weapon parts problem


Well, to some it’s a problem

Destiny‘s economy is in constant flux, and Bungie never seems to know what to do about it. This patch everyone seemed to be fine with the changes in The Taken King, but after a few weeks, some issues started creeping up.

For one, players noticed that they had hundreds of armor parts for upgrading and enhancing those particular items, but not enough weapon parts, which are arguably more important as you’re constantly cycling out your arsenal. I personally haven’t had too many issues (all my characters have around 200 left), but I can definitely see the holdup if you only have one character and hundreds of items. Plus, the fact is, they aren’t balanced around armor parts anyway.

In a typical passive aggressive fashion Bungie noted it will be making adjustments accordingly, and you will be able to buy weapon parts from the Gunsmith soon. There’s also a few other housekeeping fixes coming in the next month or so, includingclass balance (players expect Sunbreaker Titans be nerfed, and Gunslingers desperately need a buff), a use for Etheric Light, and the ability to turn in Worm Spore to Eris for…something (rep?).

All good changes, but small on paper — hopefully we’ll get some content at some point, including the raid challenges.

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