Bungie implements patch 1.1.1 in Destiny, mostly changes weapon balance


Everything else is minor outside of the heavy ammo fix

Bungie has unloaded patch 1.1.1 into the Destinyworld, which has a number of weapon balance adjustments, in addition to a new reputation window, matchmaking for weekly Heroics, and a fix for the dreaded heavy ammo bug. A few other stealth changes have made it in, too.

The most notable ones include a fix for the 4th Horseman shotgun (which is now actually usable), confirmation that the Song of Ir Yut does have the extended magazine not shown in the tooltip, a small (fair) nerf to the Shoot To Loot perk, the guaranteed addition of Exotic engrams to Xur’s inventory, the removal of heavy ammo drops for player kills in PVP, and a system in place that avoids repeated maps for Crucible queues.

Weapon balancing seems ok so far outside of the needless assault rifle nerf, which is counteracted by making nearly all shotguns and some pulse rifles viable. I’m glad hand cannons were adjusted, because everyone using the Fatebringer at all times in PVE got old fast. As a scout rifle player at heart, I haven’t noticed anything major in terms of a strategic shift, but I am using more of my Exotic cache lately (outside of ARs), which is good.

This rock-solid patch is setting up House of Wolvesfor success early on, so Bungie may have an easier time bringing ex-players back into the fold if the expansion is actually good.

1.1.1 [Bungie]