Bungie is planning a big quality of life update for Destiny 2


It’s scheduled for April 9

Bungie is in a really interesting spot right now having jettisoned from their partnership with Blizzard.

Now we get to see what they’re capable of on their own; and most importantly, if the heavy focus on microtransactions on top of the premium pricepoint on top of season passes is here to stay. We’ll probably have to wait until Destiny 3to see progress on that as contracts are likely still in place, but I’m anxious to see how much of the monetization strategy was Bungie and how much was Blizzard/Activision’s influence.

Either way Destiny 2is still the flagship product as we don’t even know if Destiny 3exists yet (and really, I wouldn’t mind if they kept adding onto D2), and the next big update (2.2.1) is planned for April 9. It’s mostly fixated on quality of life alterations, which includes “double/triple” droprates for Dreaming City and Last Wish cosmetics (a little late, eh), as well as a better chance to unlock the One Thousand Voices exotic.

Drop rates will also increase for Lore Books and the timing on the Invitation of the Nine has been altered a bit (you just need to finish it before the reset on Tuesday at 10AM PT). Bungie will also be “putting effort” into stopping “Nightfall streaks,” where the same Nightfall comes up constantly (again, something that would have been great nearly two years ago at launch).

So yeah, this is mainly a hardcore-oriented update as it focuses on endgame cosmetics, but there’s more to come as Destiny 2is currently only two thirds of the way through its season pass, and you can bet Bungie has something planned for E3 this year.

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