I'll make great use of this illustrated Sekiro world map


From seeds to beads to scales and everything in between

How are you getting along with Sekiro? Slow and steady? Easy peasy? All tapped out?

For my part, it’s been a near-constant struggle to balance the highs and lows, more so than any other From Software title I’ve played. Just when I think I’ve got the clashing combat flow figured out, a new boss shows up to put me in my place and send me spiraling into misery for an evening or two.

I’m nearing the relative end of the game (light spoilers: I’ve crossed the Vermilion Bridge and there are lots of weirdos lurking around). I’m still not completely sure how I feel about Sekiro as a whole. Even now, it’s growing on me, and I think it’ll continue to grow on me well into my New Game+ run.

Countless hours into the vengeful adventure, I also still haven’t quite locked down Sekiro‘s physical world layout. Anyone else struggling? It’s most likely due to the newfound verticality, but for whatever reason, I feel as if I’m piecing together a monster of a puzzle with chewed-up jigsaw pieces.

On that note, here’s a guiding hand if you need a nudge in the right direction.

Illustrated Sekiro world map with item locations

This map should help. It’s an easy-to-skim chart from DeviantArt user Lucas Reiner representing all of the notable locations, items, and enemy encounters in Sekiro with lines binding them together.

I wouldn’t say this is a catch-all solution to every Sekiro woe, but it’s a helpful reference material, particularly as you enter the mop-up phase. I have some glossed-over mini-bosses to pay a visit before the journey is over. There’s no greater feeling than coming back to confidently stomp old rivals.

Map chart for future playthroughs, feel free to use and print! [reddit]