Suda51 says that he wants to have something to show for E3 this year


A 10 second No More Heroes 3 teaser during the Nintendo stream?

No More Heroes is one of those franchises that you kind of just hope is around forever.

The original was pretty groundbreaking with the use of the phone accessory, motion controls, theme, and of course the general bonkers concept of doing chores while slicing assassins in half, and from there it kind of took off. People want to see more in spite of the flaws of the follow-ups (and the original for that matter), and it looks like we’re probably getting it.

After being asked about the Travis Strikes Againending by Siliconera (an ending that subsequently teases that there is more of the series to come), Suda responded, laughing, “I wonder what that was myself. It might be Travis messing around. I hope around E3 time I’ll have something cool to announce.”

So that’s Suda being directly asked to address the continuation of No More Heroes, saying there might be something to show “around E3.” The perfect place for it? The Nintendo E3 stream.

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