Bungie pulls back the curtain on Destiny 2's new Warlock subclass


I’m Mr. Snow Miser….

If you’re looking forward to the new Destiny 2expansion, you’re probably focused in on the upcoming stasis subclasses.

It’s a pretty huge deal for the series as they haven’t had a new subclass…since the start, and now all three classes are getting one. This week, Bungie decided to start breaking them down individually, and decided to go with the Warlock (the best class) for their initial salvo.

As a reminder, the Warlock’s stasis subclass is the Shadebinder. As Bungie puts it, the style is to “freeze as many enemies as possible,” with a projectile-based playstyle. And what would a Warlock be without a staff: Shadebinders can summon a Stasis weapon to unleash shockwaves and stasis projectiles.

Aspects and Fragments will now further customize the subclass, which dangerously sounds like another added element of grinding at first glance. An example Bungie gives is “finding a Frostpulse Aspect” in the wild, which provides a freezing modifier to their Rift power. Neat, but I hope these don’t take forever to farm.

Bungie says that “stasis will change the way you play Destiny 2,” and I sure hope so. Although it still plays wonderfully due to the incredibly strong shooter foundation, it’ll be nice to finally mix things up with a different subclass after several years of the same old thing (and that’s just Destiny 2).

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