Buy an Xbox One, get a $75 gift card plus a free game from Microsoft


Microsoft wants your tax refund

Microsoft wants you to blow your tax refund on an Xbox One. To prove it, the Microsoft Store has fired up its Presidents’ Day sale a week ahead of time. Xbox One bundles (including two new bundles) now have the first decent bonuses of 2016.

There are eight bundles in total getting a $75 gift cardand a free Ubisoft gamethis week at the Microsoft Store; for the game, you’ll get to choose between Watch Dogs, The Crew, and Assassin’s Creed: Unity. You’ll see the option in the first stage of checkout.

These bundles get you a $75 gift card + game:

Alternative Xbox One deals:

Details on when the sale will end are murky at best. We know this offer is part of Microsoft’s Presidents’ Day sale, but we’re not sure if it will run all the way through next Monday, February 15.

Which Bundle is the Best Deal?

While all the Xbox One bundles listed above have the same bonus attached, some are better in comparative value since they haven’t seen any prior bonus offers. Some of these bundles, like the Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle, have been around for months already and have seen better offers (Black Friday with a $50 discount + $50 gift card bonus).

Two of the bundles are relatively new and haven’t seen bonus offers like this before. Just last week, Microsoft launched the “Name Your Game Bundle.” But we honestly think you can skip out on this one since the titles in there have previously received their own bundle. So, by default, one of the better choices is the 1TB Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege bundle, or the 1TB holiday bundle.

Even More Xbox One Promotion

While not as good as the Microsoft Store’s offer, there is another retailer tossing bonus goods at Xbox One purchases. Right now, Best Buy is giving away a free Midnight Forces wireless controller when you buy an Xbox One bundleon this list. For the most part, the bundles offered are the same as the Microsoft Store.

The Best Buy offer isn’t bad, but if we’re talking numbers, it’s not quite as good as what buying direct from Microsoft gets you. The Midnight Special Forces controller has a value of about $55, a far cry from Microsoft’s $75 value in the gift card bonus.

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