Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is getting eviscerated on Steam


Not my COD

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is finally not tethered to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and all is right in the world. People can grab the game they want and move on from whatever Activision thought was going to be the future of gaming’s most popular series. Everyone is happy and can finally stop their eyes from rolling at consumer unfriendly business practices.

Well, not exactly. A quick glance at the Steam user reviews for MWR shows that not a lot of people are pleased. While I think $40 for a single remastered game is a bit much, price isn’t even the factor that is aggravating the audience. It seems there are a whole heap of problems that have plagued this port.

According to most of the comments, the multiplayer is riddled with hackers, dedicated servers have been dropped and mod support is completely absent. General performance is also quite spotty, with microstutters, an FPS cap and poor mouse support. Couple that with a lack of players and it seems the MP is basically dead. Call of Duty 4 grew on PC thanks to its more PC friendly features, so its odd to see Activision remove most of those standard offerings.

A lot of people agree that the campaign mode was given proper care while the multiplayer component has been tarnished due to Activision’s greed. Not having played this myself, I can’t say one way or the other, but it is truly baffling how Activision shoved microtransactions into a 10 year old remaster. That just reeks of money grubbing.

Then there is a litany of people that have just spammed the reviews section with curse words and little critical insight. I can understand being miffed that Activision ruined something so important to you, but without providing any thoughtful critique on the game, your words are going to get ignored. When you need your plumbing fixed, for instance, you don’t call up the plumber and call him a fat sack of shit for screwing the pooch last time.

Whether or not this is going to have any actual impact on the Call of Duty series remains to be seen. While the last few games haven’t approached the numbers that Black Ops II set for sales, the series has still been the top selling game of each year it was released. Despite all of the backlash and outrage that fans have, Call of Duty remains popular. It has become the Nickelback of gaming, though Nickelback never actually had a good album to compare with Call of Duty’s great beginnings.