Call of Duty: Warzone is pitting suspected cheaters against each other


Justice is served

It’s one thing to hear that Infinity Ward is out there perma-banning tens of thousands of Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare cheaters, but it’s another thing entirely to hear that suspected cheaters are now being intentionally matched against each other in a sort of fun-deflating purgatory.

That’s the latest step in the plan to deal with bad-faith players, and while the solution isn’t unique to Call of Duty, it sure is satisfying to envision. I can vividly picture the misery and chaos of cheaters out-cheating one another. Who has the best aimbot? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind watching a match.

Infinity Ward is also working to give legitimate Modern Warfare and Warzone players more of a heads-up that their cheater-reporting efforts aren’t in vain – you’ll now be able to see an in-game message confirming that a suspected cheater you reported has been banned. It’s small, but it matters.

In broader strokes, the developer says it has “deployed additional dedicated security updates” and “increased resources across backend tech, studio, and enforcement teams” as of this week.

Soon, Infinity Ward will add a reporting option to Killcams and Spectator views.

Given that the cheating woes affect players across all platforms due to cross-play, these updates aren’t just appreciated, they’re critical to the game’s ongoing success. Warzone is great when it works, but there are a ton of other great games vying for our attention right now. Everyone has a breaking point.

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