Capcom countdown clock points to February 21 reveal


The double-edged sword of gaming

I have news that is potentially amazing/horrifying and will leave you breathless/miserable — Capcom has hit the start button on that most dice-roll of marketing mechanics: The Ticking Clock. Appearing just earlier this morning, the non-descript timer is counting down to an apparent reveal on Monday, February 21, at 22:00 PT / 01:00 ET / 15:00 JST. That’s a whole week away!

It’s certainly gotten several fanbases already shifting in their seats. We know that Capcom plans to reveal “the future of Street Fighter” at some point this year. We have also heard loud whispers of an inevitable (but still to be confirmed) Resident Evil 4 remake. And there’s still Resident Evil Village DLC to be spotlit. That font sure looks like the Village font.

This is not to speak of the wide variety of popular and forgotten franchises Capcom already has tucked into its portfolio — Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Devil May Cry, and, dare I say it? Darkstalkers. Of course, we could also simply be counting down to the reveal of some free-to-play mobile title, or — horror of horrors — a Capcom NFT Collection.

Of all of my silly speculation above, the smart money is on Capcom revealing a new Street Fighter title, given that this coming weekend will also see the delayed conclusion of the 2021 Capcom Pro-Tour. If the legendary developer sees fit to give fans a full week of hype, well, it should be something pretty big…

…like a Street Fighter NFT collection.

We’ll bring you the word when the Capcom clock finally reaches terminus on February 21.

Let’s go, Street Fighter Alpha 4.