Capcom producer says that Mega Man 11 is a benchmark for '10 years' of Mega Man games, hints X9 is possible with fan support


He’s back

Capcom is banking hard on Mega Man 11, but thanks to a press conference fromproducer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (and a translation from reddit user Chaos_LightDark Man), we know how much is at stake.

Speaking to the Chinese media,Tsuchiya stated that the goal of Mega Man 11is to “create a new benchmark for Mega Man games for the next 10 years.” It’s a lofty goal for sure, andTsuchiya is fixing to be the next Inafune — or as I’ll call him, the caretaker of Mega Man. October couldn’t get here soon enough, as I really want to see how this all pans out.

As for the Xseries, the door is kind of open on that too.Tsuchiya responded to an inquiry about a new entry in the series by saying that they need to wrap up Mega Man 11first, but feedback is paramount in determining where the series goes from here. He does not confirm the existence of Mega Man X9, but says that the “volume of voices” from their fans might influence the creation of the project. Capcom was quasi-hinting at the possibility of X9just recently with the release of the two Xcollections.

This press conference is rather key because it cements thatTsuchiya is all-in on Mega Man. With the right care and attention we could see another decades-long run for the franchise, and not just in merch form.

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