Capcom reminds people that the Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic collab is coming this month


Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic is celebrating the latter’s 30th anniversary

Last month, Sega provided info on upcoming Monster Hunter Rise crossovers for both October and November. The Arthur event happened recently for Halloween, and now we’re coming up on Sonic. The thing is, Capcom has been relatively quiet about the potentially big collab since they announced it: which changed over the weekend. Over on the official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account, the company reaffirmed that the Monster Hunter Rise Sonic event is still on track for November, and hasn’t hit a delay.

Capcom directed fans to this landing page, which is currently blank, but will be filled in once the announcement actually takes place. I hope it’s big! Select games like Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis have gotten collabs that have been middling to okay at best.

Beyond this event, it’ll be interesting to see how Capcom handles the PC launch of Monster Hunter Rise. It was confirmed that there would be no cross-save transfer of any kind at this time, which means PC fans are going to have to restart and rank up all over again. Then you have all the prior updates and promotions of the Switch edition to catch up on. And you have until mid-2022 to rush up and be ready for Sunbreak, the new expansion.

It’s a lot of pressure! If only they had been able to figure out cross-save transfers early on: it would have made the prospect of jumping over to the gorgeous-looking PC port that much more enticing.