Capcom says a Resident Evil 3 remake is possible, I say 'bring it on'



It’s another one of those “if the fans want it” kind of statements, but Capcom is open to the idea of remaking Resident Evil 3in the same updated engine vein as 2.

Speaking to GameWatch, Capcom producerYoshiaki Hirabayashi (who worked on 2019’s RE2) stated that as long as fans “voiced their enthusiasm,” the company would look at updating the third game in the series. While that seems vague that fan-demand actually led to Resident Evil 2‘s remake production, which has paid off in spades when it comes to sales.

If this statement is to be taken at face value and Capcom hasn’t begun work on the remake yet, we can form a basic timeline to see when it would actually release. Going by the Resident Evil 2 remake, the game was announced in late 2015 and was released in early 2019: so…give or take three and a half years. Capcom already has the kinks worked out of the engine so it’s entirely possible that it could take less time, but given the love and care they put into the recent RE2that might be accurate.

While the first two Resident Evilgames dominate the conversation, Resident Evil 3is an absolute sleeper of a game. It takes the “Mr. X stalking” concept and goes completely bonkers with it, allowing the Nemesis to follow you throughout nearly the entire game. There’s also some incredible set pieces like the park and the hospital that are etched in my brain just like the village in Resident Evil 4.

I just started another playthrough on the Vita this week and man, I forgot how terrifying the Nemesis is when he runs at you at full speed out of nowhere!

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