Cards Against Humanity is getting a small Mass Effect expansion for $1


It’s probably his favorite card game on The Citadel

Mass Effectis about to leave its mark on the Cards Against Humanityuniverse. In the lead-up to next month’s Andromedarelease, BioWare and Cards Against Humanityhave teamed up to create a small 14-card expansion pack.

We haven’t been told what any of the cards say, but they’ll probably be edgy. The URL for the expansion is Because Mass Effect is a game where you can fuck aliens. Funny enough, the URL that BioWare is sharing on its public channels is (which redirects to Totally Fuckable Aliens).

Even though the contents will be a surprise, it’s not much of a gamble to pick this up. It’s going for just $1, which seems like a reasonable price for 14 cards. Cards Against Humanity says that this is a limited run that it’ll sell until it’s gone.

While you decide if this is the expansion for you, please enjoy this picture of Thane (I think) puking, Garrus and FemShep making out, and Tali drinking from a swirly straw:

Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect [Totally Fuckable Aliens]