Cblogs of 1/30 to 2/5/2021: The Medium, Clock Tower, and the benefits of silent Link


Cblogs Recap: Week 5

CorruptAI125 shares his thoughts on The Medium.

Lord Spencer reviews Clock Tower as part of his PS1 REVIEWS blogging series.

Arkane9 suggests 10 combat fixes for Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

OmegaNate reviews the indie game TheDawn.

-GoofierBruteshares his thoughts on a game the time forgot,The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

Exber responds to January’s Band of Bloggers prompt with this blog about his favorite RPG party members.

Kerrik52 reviews Sleeping Dogs as part of his Traveller in Playtime review blogs series.

Shoggoth2588 shares his gaming journal of 2021.

-Black Red Gaming shares this list of his most anticipated games to be released in February.

HoneyCrisp reviews a number of games he played in 2021.

Gamingnerd attempts to explain the reductive nature of gaming labels.

-Beatlemaniaxx thinks that Link should remain mute even if The Legend of the Zelda series starts using more voice acting.

Flegma shares his thoughts onG-MODE Archives29 Zanac, the mobile rerelease of the classic shooter, Zanac.

Triggerpigking shares his list of top games in 2020.

Nior writes about scoring systems in video games and how they encourage the player to learn the ropes of the game.

-Chris Hovermale grades his new year resolution of last year and vows to continue with the same goals for this year.

PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII and marching music.

Robotayon writes a beautiful eulogy to the memory of a cherished pen-pal friend.

PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Super Mario RPG and typical island music.

ChronoLynxx opens this week’s TGIF open forum thread.

Virtua Kazama highlights the work of TheRunawayGuys’ Let’s Play group.

Wow, a lot of great blogs this week, you’re all killing it out there in our beloved community. Thank you all and thanks, as always, to Lord Spencer for the recap. If you’d like to see your own thoughts captured for posterity on the front page, then head on over to the Cblogs and have at it!