Cblogs of 2/22 to 2/28/2020: Death Stranding, Dave & Busters and it's Mahvel Baybee!


Cblogs Recap: Week 9

– GoliathBetaGamer reviews The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners.

Brady4Jah reviews Dragon Quest Builders 2.

– Black Red Gaming reviews Conglomerate 451on the PC.

– GoliathBetaGamer reviews Death Stranding.

– Genki-JAM shares his thoughts regarding whether Death Stranding is any good.

Virtua Kazama highlights the best matches in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in FGC history.

– The Rambling Gamer shares his positive thoughts regarding Hunt: Showdown, a battle-royal game.

Shoggoth2588 responds to this month’s BoBprompt by writing about how Final Fantasysubverted his expectations.

– Reiley1sCool responds to this month’s BoB prompt by writing about how his decisions in playing The Witcher 3had unexpected far-reaching effects on his favorite character.

– Rico the Penguin recovers from a back injury with the help of the gym and is planning to start blogging regularly again.

– Kerrik52 writes his reaction on Symphogear XV, which was previously made in several Qposts.

– PhilsPhinding discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Mega Man 2 & Mega Man 4 with some pop music icons.

– Boxman214 had a disappointing trip to Dave & Busters, a restaurant and arcade joint.

– Virtua Kazama writes about the transitioning from YouTube “Let’s Plays” to Twitch Streaming.

– PhilsPhinding discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Super Mario Bros. 3 and the music of Celtic Frost.

– Rico the Penguin is asking the community to suggest elements for his Twitch channel.

Thanks to Lord Spencer for the Cblog Recap and to all of our community bloggers for this weeks great content! If you fancy jotting your own thoughts down on matters gaming, head over to the Community Blogs and perhaps have a go yourself.