CCP's long lost 'Project Nova' EVE Online shooter is alive, information coming 'within months, not years'


‘We are committed to…releasing it when it’s ready’

CCP CEOHilmar Veigar Pétursson announced live on the 2018 EVEFanfest stage today that Project Nova, their long-awaited shooter that rose from the ashes of the defunct Dust 514, is still in active development.

Last yearPétursson noted that they couldn’t share that many details on the game, but now he’s a little less sheepish. Information for Novawill be released on PC within “months, not years,” and initially will not be connected to EVE Online.Pétursson and his team really want to commit to the “one universe” EVEconcept, but not linking it is a smart move at the moment. CCP isn’t afraid to shuck failed projects, and if NOVA doesn’t catch on they can toss it before it cuts into their bottom line.

Novais still not playable on the Fanfest floor, but the “months” promise has me hopeful that we’ll actually get to see it in action anytime soon.