Chasm's getting a Switch port soon, and that feels like a natural fit


It’s already done, actually

After 800 million years in development (all numbers approximate), Chasmfinally released in late July on PC, PS4, and Vita. It was pretty dang good! This procedurally-generated metroidvania was a success, even in a launch window that was unusually clogged up with other metroidvanias.

Chasmisn’t done yet, though. Developer Bit Kid has confirmed that a Switch port is in the works. Actually, it’s basically done. Chasmhas already been submitted to Nintendo for certification. Bit Kid estimates it’ll be ready to release “in the next couple months or so.”

Chasmis a natural fit on Switch for a couple of reasons. First, every indie is tripping over themselves to port to Switch because they’re still selling ridiculously well on Nintendo’s hybrid console. But, also, Switch is an similar-ish amalgamation of some of the platforms Chasmhas already launched on. It has the traditional console features like a PS4 and it has the portable capabilities of Vita. Chasm on Switch felt nearly expected, and it’ll almost definitely be a sure success.