Check out a few minutes of the very pretty Tetris Effect right here


Block Rocking Beats

A new video has been uploaded featuring gameplay from the upcoming euphoric puzzler Tetris Effect, first revealed earlier this month as the new project from Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

The four-minute video, taken by Japan’s Game Watch, shows the gorgeous looking title in action, combining classic Tetris gameplay with dramatic imagery and music. It feels very similar in conception to Zoe Mode’s Chime, another block-based puzzler where the ergonomics of the play area built the soundtrack.

Tetris Effect will feature 30 stages, all attuned to their own specific style, aurally and visually. Classic modes such as Sprint and Marathon will be making a return, and Tetris Effect will also be compatible with PSVR, which I can imagine could be quite the transcendent experience.

Tetris Effect launches on PS4 this Fall.