Chinatown Detective Agency hunts for clues in April


Uncover the truth next month

Mystery and detective game fans won’t be waiting too long for something new to solve. Chinatown Detective Agency is coming to PC, Switch, and Xbox next month on April 7.

Humble Games and developer General Interactive Co. announced the news as part of Humble’s 2022 look-ahead today. Chinatown has popped up in a few showcases and trailers now, most recently yesterday’s [email protected] showcase. But today, the team is putting a date on it.

Chinatown Detective Agency stars Amira Darma, a private investigator who quickly finds herself swept up in some big events. It’s got some big Carmen Sandiego influence, alongside Blade Runner. And its main setting in Singapore is a really interesting venue to explore and solve mysteries in.

I checked out the demo when it was available during one of the many play-at-home demo fests over the last year or so, and dug what I saw. Part of Chinatown Detective Agency‘s draw is that it requires real-world investigation. Finding a solution to a puzzle might involve having to search-engine some information, or remember the date or locale of something that has happened in the world.

It’s a cool concept, and makes the solutions feel really well-earned. Plus, I love doing the dual-monitor setup for mystery games anyways. Having one screen dedicated to the game itself, and another to a Notepad window and tabs upon tabs of research is a fun approach.

Hopefully the mysteries stay satisfying over the full run. Chinatown Detective Agency is hitting PC via both Steam and the Humble Store, as well as Xbox and Nintendo Switch, on April 7, 2022.