Choice Provisions says the Switch is easier to develop for, gets Runner3 working in one day


Others have stated it’s easier than the 3DS and Wii U

Nintendo systems have gotten a lot of flak when it comes to bad developer policies. Many devs have spoken posthumously about the poor monetization contract for the WiiWare platform, and the issues of developing for systems like the Wii U. The Switch, however, by design, is changing that entire landscape. Among many other studios who have said the same, Choice Provisions has come out in favor of Nintendo’s new console/portable.

Speaking to Autodesk, Josh Defries of Choice Provisions explains: “We were nervous at first about developing for the Switch, simply because there are always unknowns with new platforms. We ended up getting the game running on the console in only a day, however, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since!”

It’s been smoothing sailing in generalfor Nintendo, who is riding high on the Switch. Hell, it could outsell the Wii U in just a year’s time if it keeps up this pace. Nintendo has the backend all sorted out it seems, but it still has some work to go on the consumer side — there’s some hardware kinks to work out, among other problems like the complete lack of a Virtual Console.

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