Chorus: An Adventure Musical surpasses crowdfunding target


Start warming up those lungs

A few weeks ago, we reported on an intriguing new title, Chorus: A Musical Adventure, that had begun raising capital on crowdfunding website Fig. Well, it appears plenty of people are ready to give it once more with feeling, as the unique looking RPG has surpassed its initial goal of $600,000 with just two days to spare.

To refresh memories, Chorus is the story of a singer called Grace whose world is thrown into disarray when a mysterious, newly-signed band member is murdered, leaving our hero suddenly possessed by strange, otherworldly powers. Now wanted for the killing, Grace must travel to the underworld, interact with famous gods and demons such as Apollo, Persephone, and Pan, and solve the mysterious murder of The Muse if she is to clear her name and return to any semblance of normality.

What makes Chorus truly different from your average RPG is that the game plays out almost entirely in the form of a stage musical. Conversations are performed in the form of dramatic and powerful ballads, with dialogue options counting as both lyrics, and also tonal changes to the song’s direction.

There isn’t a whole lot to look at right now. But with cool-looking characters, a unique concept, and talent including Dragon Age writer David Gaider and voice actors Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, Chorus: A Musical Adventure is definitely on my radar, and I’m looking forward to its PC release, very loosely scheduled for 2021.