Chrono Trigger director teases new Nintendo Switch project


‘Top secret’

Directly following statements by the company president that Square Enix would be investing more into the Nintendo Switch, here comes Chrono Trigger director and Square long-timer Takashi Tokita with another tease. Just the other day on Twitter he posted a picture of the Switch tablet, noting “top secret mission starts!”

In recent years Tokita has served as a producer for side projects like Final Fantasy ports, as well as garnering “special thanks” credits on a number of bigger projects like I Am Setsuna. A Final Fantasy legacy collection has been rumored for a long while on multiple platforms, and given the recent announcement of the Seiken Densetsu collection for Switch, this seems to perfectly line up with Tokita’s recent happenings and Square Enix’s business model of pushing more remakes.

All we know for sure is that there’s going to be a lot of Square stuff to play on the Switch in a year’s time.

Takashi Tokita [Twitter]