Cinder's bringing his hot stuff to Killer Instinct April 30


Get it? Because he’s fire? Eh I’m wasted on you lot

Killer Instinct’s second season is well underway, bringing us some pretty cool characters like Aganos the Golem and Hisako, the most god damn disturbing character from any fighting game ever. She jumps inside of you and breaks all of your bones. Why is that even necessary, Iron Galaxy? Why?

Anyway, Iron Galaxy has announced the next character to come to the Xbox One exclusive is none other than series veteran The Human Tor-I mean Cinder.

Made completely of fire, Cinder is fast, flashy and snarky. I’m definitely getting more than a few Spider-man or Deadpool vibes from his one-liners and amusing ramblings, which I am 100% okay with.

As is now tradition with Killer Instinct trailers, the final shot is a teaser of what is to come in the future: ARIA. She’s been seen to have a fairly important but mysterious role in the story since it launched, and now it looks like she’ll be the next character you’ll be fighting as. She’ll also probably be the final character to be released as part of Season 2, pumping the character roster up to 16.

Cinder, his fire, and his sass will be coming to the game April 30 for Ultra Edition owners, and May 6for Combo Breaker Edition owners. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see more of ARIA.