Claptrap introduces us to Borderlands 3's Pandora


C’mon, Steve!

Gearbox and 2K are starting the Borderlands 3 hype train with a new video starring everyone’s favorite robot buddy. “Claptrap Presents” is a (likely one-off) series where the bumbling little trashcan will take viewers around the landscape of Pandora and introduce them to the various wildlife that will be assaulting them. Steve the Psycho is there, too, and he can’t help but get a little trigger happy.

In the coming months leading up to its September 13 release date, 2K will be uploading new videos to its YouTube channel for the game. I’m not sure I dig the sense of humor anymore, but at least Borderlands still has some kind of personality. We’ll have to wait and see how successful the plotline ends up, but everything seems to be pointing to a good enough time for Borderlands’ return.