Clockwork Aquario comes bounding onto PC and Xbox in 2022


Long-lost arcade title back for good

ININ Games has announced that the Westone Bit’s long-lost platformer Clockwork Aquario will be leaping onto PC and Xbox One later in 2022. The revitalized arcade platformer will be released on the aforementioned platforms this summer, following on from its happy return on PS4 back in December 2021.

You know the tale by now, but Clockwork Aquario is a colorful arcade release that was abandoned just a sliver from completion back in 1994. Thanks to the determined efforts of publisher ININ Games and boutique retailer Strictly Limited, the source code for the forgotten title was recovered and completed, allowing the fun adventure to finally get its day in the spotlight, bagging a world record in the process.

And it’s most certainly a cheerful cherub of a game, as heroes Huck Londo, Ellie Pie, and Gush journey their way through a series of sickening cute environments in a quest to stop troublemaking fish Dr. Hangyo from conquering the planet. Developed by the team behind the classic Wonder Boy titles, Clockwork Aquario is infectiously cute and full of character — even if the gameplay is understandably a little old-school-shallow.

Clockwork Aquario launches on PC and Xbox One this summer. It is available on PS4 right now.

? Clockwork Aquario coming to Xbox and Steam! ?

The Guinness World Records™ winning 2D platformer will be available for Xbox and Steam in the summer of 2022! ⏰

Go on an extraordinary adventure of arcade history in Clockwork Aquario. ??

— ININ Games (@ININ_Games) January 7, 2022