Co-op monster-raising RPG Re:Legend confirmed for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One


Now, we wait

Ray summarized Re:Legend as “Monster Rancher meets Rune Factory,” and that’s apparently all it takes to get my attention these days. Well that, and the crucial fact that it’s designed with cooperative multiplayer in mind. Farming, fishing, fighting and raising monsters — these are all things I wanna do!

Magnus Games’ Kickstarter campaign still has a solid 10 days left to go, but the studio met an important milestone: there’s enough funding for all of the console stretch goals. With $243,000 raised and counting, Re:Legend is now coming to PC as well as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

There are just a couple goals left to hit. Clearly, this multi-faceted life sim is resonating.

Update #20: All Console Stretch Goal Fish Caught & Week 1 Fanart Contest Winner! [Kickstarter]