Co-op sci-fi mining game Deep Rock Galactic hits PC and Xbox One soon


Naturally it has to go through Early Access first

Deep Rock Galactic is a sci-fi shooter about dwarven space miners teaming up on an alien planet to punch through caves, collect minerals, and get the goods back home. As a solo experience, I probably wouldn’t be super interested. But as a four-person, class-based co-op joint? I’m down.

Developer Ghost Ship Games is prepping the game for PC and Xbox One. It’ll appear on Steam Early Access, the Windows 10 Store, and Xbox One (as a Game Preview title) on February 28, 2018.

“We’re mixing the traditional co-op shooter with all the goodness of huge procedural levels, lots of exploration and mining, and all the personality of fantasy dwarves – but in a sci-fi setting,” says game director Mikkel Martin Pedersen.

The Early Access and Game Preview build of Deep Rock Galactic will start out with seven biomes on the alien-infested planet Hoxxes. You can read up on everything else the team is planning over here.

If this takes off, I’d like to see a Starship Troopers mod.