What the Golf? is everything I love about sports games


It takes some liberties, to put it mildly

What the Golf? bills itself as “the golf game for people who don’t play golf.” It’s spot on.

One quick scroll through this gif-filled about page is all you’ll need to know if this is your type of silly, experimental take on sports. You can golf a human. Or a horse! It also has bowling and soccer reimagined as golf. How about first-person golfing? Golf platforming? There’s even golf boss battles.

I’m so down with this anything-goes, almost game-jam-like vibe.

Developer Triband is seeking funding through Fig with a base goal set at a modest $50,000. Assuming that goes well — and I really think it will — then it’ll move onto stretch goals at $65,000 (impossible golf challenges), $100,000 (local multiplayer battle), and $200,000 (a golf course level editor).

What the Golf? is currently planned for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Triband is “talking to platforms about the possibilities [of console ports], but it is not the primary focus.”

What the Golf [Fig]