Code Vein's art style looks like an anime tinted Dark Souls


But the setup likely won’t be as open

After a lot of teasing Bandai Namco has pulled back the curtain on Code Vein(which is coming to “major home consoles” next year) and given us a full two minute gameplay trailer.

For those of you who think this is a Souls-like joint, you should probably keep your expectations in check. Bandai Namco publishes a ton of different games, and since this is helmed by the God Eaterteam it’s likely to be more in that style.

Still you can really see the Soulsinspiration in the art, and I love the idea of bloodlust powers being entwined into the combat system. They’re also going for that popular “if you’re too much of a vampire you become a ghoul” motif, which is just bringing back memories of watching Daybreakers.