Colbert's Late Show snuck in a musical tribute to Mega Man X's title theme


Bring this series back

Pretty much ever retro gamer knows it: the less-than-thirty-second ditty of the Mega Man Xtitle screen is pretty much etched in my memory at this point.It seems like it was also rattling around in the head of Jon Batiste, the musical director for Colbert’s Late Show.

Thanks to this tweet from GoNintendo we have that moment captured forever (or at least until CBS takes it down). Batiste kind of innocuously snuck this one in and the sax sounds absolutely fantastic!

This isn’t the first time that Colbert and company have flaunted their love for games. Along with Jimmy Fallon, Colbert has hosted numerous musical gaming homages, including The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses.

Looks like @colbertlateshow is going to keep showing gamers some love via @JonBatiste. He slid in some @MegaMan X tonight!

— GoNintendoTweet (@GoNintendoTweet) October 16, 2018

Just in case there was any doubt: