Comcept is dealing with Mighty No. 9's launch woes


Code issues, Wii U patch

Just this morning I got a backer update for Mighty No. 9, explaining Comcept’s response to all of the latent issues that came up during its launch.

For starters, Steam codes, specifically all of the DLC mixup problems, should be fixed — those were supposedly being caused by an issue on Humble Bundle’s end. The PSN code issue was spurred by the PSN Store system, which updated in the evening and triggered the codes. Any remaining code distribution glitches will be fixed by Humble.

Then there’s the big elephant in the room — the busted Wii U version. Thankfully Comcept is responding to that too. A Wii U patch is currently live in Europe, and should be live in the US at the time of this writing.

Once everything is put to bed, people can finally focus on the game. Which isn’t as good as many people thought it would be, but isn’t exactly bad, either.

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