Come on guys, Metroid Prime: Federation Force looks fun


Sure, it could use some work

Since I’ve been busy at E3 I haven’t been able to check out the Nitendo Treehouse live streams (which were excellent last year, are they good this year as well?) but I did look up this replay ofMetroid Prime: Federation Forceto see some more gameplay since the trailer didn’t really show us much. Grouping up with three of your friends to take down large enemies using weapons from the Metroiduniverse looks genuinely fun.

I know I was harsh and could have probably chosen better words when I called people petitioning Nintendo to cancel the game entitled babies, but what can I say? I’m passionate about video games, and it sometimes gets the best of me when people call for a game to be canceled just because it offends their personal tastes. I understand a lot of you are upset because this isn’t the 2D side-scrolling Metroidgame you’ve been asking for for years, I felt the same way when playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn. This isn’t what you’ve been asking for, but maybe it could be fun?

If you check out the gameplay above, it looks like all the staples of the Metroid Prime series are there. You’ve got an arm cannon, missiles, an alien world to explore, and some monsters to shoot at, all in first person. I agree that the characters look ugly and don’t fit the universe well, but I’m also keeping in mind that this is just a side game, and not a flagship entry in the main series. I’m not afraid that the wholeMetroidfranchise is doomed just because some aspects of this multiplayer focused, 3DS experiment look a tad janky.

Fans have every right to be upset and voice their opinion, I just can’t agree with them trying to get a game canceled, no matter the case. Art deserves to exist, whether or not you agree with it. More important, someone may actually like the game, so why should we keep it from them if it isn’t hurting anyone? Sure, that petition has no chance of ever going anywhere, but if you’re driving any kind of anti-game movement forward, you’d best be ready to be called out.

If I were to make a petition as aMetroidfan it would probably be something along the lines of asking for what I want in a game, not demanding one be taken away from those looking forward to it.