Comments of the Week 04


Battleborn to be Number One

It’s that time again when we all pick our favorite games of the year. 2016 was stuffed with great ones like Overwatch, Doom, and Final Fantasy XV, but those are all garbage compared to the One True Game of the Year.

Of course I’m talking about Battleborn. In a year full of fantastic games,Battleborn clearlyblew them all out of the water with its amazing gameplay innovation and writing. Overwhat?

Ubisoft is Going All Out to Promote Assassin’s Creed in the UK

This comment thread has me torn.

It Didn’t Take Ten Years for the Final Fantasy XV Porno to Come Out

That pretty much sums it up as far as I’m concerned. (Also, the women in question were more plastic than human anyway.)

That whole thing about women only loving huge penises is just a myth (I hope).

Nominees for Destructiod’s Best PS4 Game of 2016

“Why is this troll comment here?” you may be wondering. Oh, you’ll see.

Doom 4 was Cancelled Because it Felt Too Much Like Call of Duty

Seriously, this is why Doom is probably my favorite game of 2016. It’s not afraid to just be fun!

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star Finally has a Western Release Date

Dere to be different!

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best PC Game of 2016

It has only just begun.

For Honor, a Game that was Said to be Playable Offline, Now Requires a Constant Connection

RIP,For Honor, we hardly knew ye. My internet sucks way too much to put up with that shit.

Man Steals Money from His Company to Spend on Game of War

He “used the company credit cards to buy things like expensive cars, plastic surgery, NFL season tickets andGame of Warmicro transactions” which means he obviously has very bad taste in games considering he could have bought literallyanythingelse. Get yourself an Oculus, man!

I Sure Hope Kirby’s 25th Anniversary is Better than Metroid’s 30th

Which color is natural? Place your bets!

Shigeru Miyamoto: ‘We Should have Made Minecraft’

If they’re not full of crispy M&Ms then Notch is dead to me.

My dorm was about the size of a broom closet and I had to share it with another guy. You weren’t missing much. Well, except maybe the soul-shredding stares when it came time to“create Facebook.”

Nominees for Destructiod’s Best Xbox One Game of 2016

We’re still just getting started.

New Batch of My Nintendo Discounts are all About Mario

Dilbert, Nintendo. DILBERT. Don’t you see what you’ve done!?

Pokemon Go has Several Gold/Silver Pokemon as of Today

I like Hoothoot! Then again, I used to think Doduo was cool too until my 600th encounter.

We’re in an Era Where We Need Fixes for PS4 Pro Patches

CaptPlaceholder, are you me from another dimension!?

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best VR Game of 216

The train keeps ‘a rollin’!

Super Nintendo World will be Built in Time for the 2020 Olympics, Looks to be Mario Focused

Nintendo loves innovating, though, so why not go for the world’s first frustration park?

Review: Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

My apologies to whoever posted that in a different comment thread that I didn’t feature, but damn it sure is appropriate.

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best Mobile Game of 2016

What, you were expecting Isay?

Well, he didn’t disappoint!

Newest Pokemon Movie Looks Like a Return to the Series’ Gen 1 Roots

My favorite one is Pikamon.

The Latest Batman: Return to Arkham PS4 Patch is a Bit of a Letdown for Pro Owners

It is as we feared. This power race means soon there won’t be any place to run your games reliably. What’s that you say? Nintendo still makes game consoles?

Rust Developer: ‘If You’re Bored of the Game, then Just Stop Playing it’

This is 100% correct. I spent a shit-ton of time playingDestinybecause I thought the game would go somewhere. When it didn’t, I just never played it again instead of spending my time bitching about it.

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best Battleborn Game of 2016

My money is onMeta Growth.

If Resident Evil 7 were an Action Game, Capcom would have had to Add ‘Superheroes Fighting in Space’

Disqus is a horrible void of vapid despair that I give thanks for every day.

Nintendo’s Big Switch Presentation will be on January 13th in Japan

At least it has a headphone jack.

Batman’s Gonna Have a Hell of a Hard Time in the Telltale Finale

Pfft, even the Ninja Turtles know that!

You’ll be Able to Try Out the Nintendo Switch at RTX Sydney in February

Well, at least you’re not being blessed by Hugh Jass.

Report: The Nintendo Switch is Less Powerful than the PlayStation 4

This is the nerdiest science joke I’ve ever heard. I even had to look it up, but it is pretty damn good.

Yooka-Laylee is Set for an April 2017 Release, With a Possible Switch Port in the Works

Every confused parent next Christmas:

Battleborn Deserves to be Game of the Year

I actually quite enjoyBattlebornand I feel bad for it.#gamingconfessions

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best Wii U Game of 2016

The prophesy is fulfilled!

This week’s Commenter of the Week is the appropriately-named70s Bush. Why be the best comment on a single article when you could be the best one out of every article all week?

And so, another Comment of the Week draws to a close. I’ll see you guys in the new year, the Sunday after this upcoming one. OR WILL I?