Comments of the Week 15: And the Gunslinger Followed


The Dork Tower

After watching the well-actedDark Tower movie (and the fact that I can only praise the acting tells you a lot about the movie) I decided to read the books all over again in order to wash the taste out of my mouth. Getting back into that universe again, starting over the journey with Roland and his Ka-Tet has been an absolute joy.

The books are incredibly well-written and the concept explored within the pages allow the series to be more original than others that I’ve read in the past ten past years. Balancing out all the different tones and ideas must have been a headache, yet the way each individual storyline, as well as the overarching quest is presented, makes everything feel natural and simple.

To be fair, this could be said about a lot of King’s other work, fromIt,Carrie, Misery, Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, Salem’s Lot…they’re all great pieces of literature in their own way and when you read great pieces of literature, you can’t help but want to improve your own writing ability.

Finding excellent writing is always fun and the same could be said for finding excellent comments; this, of course, is why you’re reading this here today and why I’m even writing this. So sit back, relax, and let TheLimoMaker take you on a wonderful journey through the depraved comments of Destructoid!

Review: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

TheLimoMaker:That is the face of a man who will kill his brother one day.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 didn’t come with cheat sheets but you can use these

TheLimoMaker:I talk sheet all the time.

TheLimoMaker:I’ve already made one poop joke, but I suppose there will always be a number two.

The worst movie weekend in 16 years just happened

TheLimoMaker:Just gonna leave this link here…Limo’s shame.

SuperGroupies unveil line of Street Fighter lingerie

TheLimoMaker:Pics or it didn’t happen.

Bethesda’s paid mods debut today on Fallout 4

TheLimoMaker:A Bethesda Game: It’s both a bug and a feature!

TheLimoMaker:Hey now, Bethesda are an upstanding company with a high moral fiber and immense levels of quality assura…pffft okay I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep writing that out.

TheLimoMaker:Honestly, there are so many golden comments in this piece that I urge you to read it for yourselves.

Yamcha is in Dragon Ball FighterZ, in some capacity

TheLimoMaker:Wanna hear a joke? Yamcha’s power level.

TheLimoMaker:I don’t know what this Yamcha is…but it sounds just like Raditz.

TheLimoMaker:Is he powerful enough to be a cheerleader?

Miiverse officially closing down in November

TheLimoMaker:I’ve never seen such wetness.

Review: Warriors All-Stars

TheLimoMaker:Somebody once told me that that song is awful.

Fire Emblem anime hits the rumour mill

TheLimoMaker:You thought Dere would not appear. You were wrong.

Review: Shantae: Half Genie Hero Pirate Queen’s Quest

TheLimoMaker:Disco Stu rubs his lamp at Shantae too! Boo yeah!

Sonic Mania is steeped in history and easter eggs

TheLimoMaker:Sonic Mania>Sonic Forces.I can say that without having played either. How? Because it’s the internet.

TheLimoMaker:Look at those wide, terrified eyes, forever caught in an endless loop.

Review in Progress: Everybody’s Golf


Luigi, a real cool dude, dabs now

TheLimoMaker:Dabbing in 2017 is as publicly acceptable as running into a nursery naked.

Target cancels Canadian SNES Classic pre-orders

TheLimoMaker:I actually saved this screenshot as “Hypno is Jealous of Canadians.” I have yet to be proved wrong.

Let’s all laugh at this truly awful GameStop commercial for Destiny 2

TheLimoMaker:“Let’s all laugh at GameStop” should be the title.

See exactly what’s new in Pokken DX, the Switch upgrade from the Wii U original

TheLimoMaker:It’s that Nintendo tax. They can do it because they own your childhood.

Menat arrives in Street Fighter V to cross your palm with loose change

TheLimoMaker:How dare you!

Celebrate Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary with this limited edition SNES cartridge

TheLimoMaker:That was my reaction to a lot of the prices on iam8bit. Still paid anyway.

TheLimoMaker:This is not untrue.

A Quickpost challenge from Kerrik52


Six Borderlands skins coming to Battleborn

TheLimoMaker:You can always trust a Pitchford.

Blizzard alters ‘culturally insensitive’ Overwatch sign

TheLimoMaker:Activision aren’t allowed to be insensitive. They are far too morally sound for that.

TheLimoMaker:I’m totally not hurriedly scrambling to write this idea down and getting it pushed through my copyright team…no no no.

TheLimoMaker:Always knew there was something fishy about him.

TheLimoMaker:I relate so hard.

TheLimoMaker:I actually don’t know who I would choose.

TheLimoMaker:I’ve fapped to weirder things.

TheLimoMaker:Weeb-shit is my favourite kind of shit.

TheLimoMaker:I love eating butts and making widows.

That’s it from me here this week. I truly hope that you enjoy this week’s comments, especially given how long this edition turned out to be. The more comments I trawled through the more golden stuff I found; thank you all so much for making this load of comments of the week easy as hell this time round you hilarious so-and-sos.

Next week, up steps Gmana to deliver you his normal, high quality CotW blog, hopefully making it less chunky than mine this week.

Go out there and be unfunny community; make Gmana earn his blog!