Comments of the Week 19: Gunpowder, Gelatine, Comments with a Laser Beam


Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Hello my little stars and shines, it is me once again, FakePlasticTree. Can you all believe we’ve almost clocked 20 entries of this thing? Only a 100 more to go before we can place ourselves next to our predecessor, who did all of this on his own. I’ve recently found myself playing Bloodborne again, among all other games I want to finish, and I’ve become enamored once again with the Gothic Victorian setting, and its many creatures that would give H.R. Giger nightmares.

Dressing very fashionably in cool looking trenchcoats while you slay the armies of Cthulhu never gets old. But I digress. This isn’t the Cblogs, let’s get on with what matters – your comments!

Nioh is getting a complete edition later this year

FakePlasticTree:Kiff, we have a conundrum.

Secret of Mana remake’s lovely character art and Japanese cast

FakePlasticTree:I for one would love to know Dere’s secrets.

Destiny 2 fights off Project Cars 2 to remain top of the UK Charts

FakePlasticTree:T’is the truth, which is why we have both the original Crash 2 and Warped on the Vita, whereas the Americans don’t.

Epona looks pretty awesome in Monster Hunter Stories

FakePlasticTree:Nothing says freedom quite as much as a chestnut-coloured horse with an anime elf boy riding it. I can’t think of any other animal that does that.

Golf Story is out this week on Nintendo Switch

FakePlasticTree:Get these kids off my lawn, I’m trying to play golf on my Switch here!

The Chinese Room is taking a break, partially because it’s bored with walking sims

FakePlasticTree:Incidentally, do any of you guys know where I can find some Chinese people?

FakePlasticTree:They are taking the subway-simulator from now on.

Wayforward’s The Mummy Demastered looks fantastic


Those gorgeous NieR vinyls now available for pre-order in the West

FakePlasticTree:Don’t mean to be a grammar freak, Nate, but we all say “A2esday,” mmm’kay.

Street Fighter V gets an abundance of Halloween DLC today

Oh don’t you worry, Sonic Forces will have a ******

FakePlasticTree:Damn it you guys, I fold.

Super Mario Odyssey runs at 900p when docked, 720p for portable

FakePlasticTree:I prefer great framerate over good resolution but even I found this funny.

Waluigi mod makes Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild worth revisiting

FakePlasticTree:Wahaaa, WaWeegee numbah oaaaaan.

Review: Nioh: Bloodshed’s End

FakePlasticTree:We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood.

My traumatising EGX-perience with Monster Hunter World

FakePlasticTree:Truly, we gamers are all monsters.

The Evil Within 2’s monstrous priest is also after the little girl

FakePlasticTree:Soon it shall achieveconsciousness.

Review: Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition

FakePlasticTree:SNES Classic is like an owl: It’s out there somewhere, you just don’t know where.

Love, loss and water hazards as Golf Story tees off on Switch today

FakePlasticTree:Chicks dig put holes…now there’s a comment worthy of the WTF section.

See how Dragon’s Dogma stacks up upgrading from PS3 to PS4

FakePlasticTree:Hey Arisen, where are you running off to?! I must endow you with more useless trivia! Don’t you want to hear more about Gran Soren’s scenery?

Shenmue 3 characters can move their face now

FakePlasticTree:No way!

I’m so obsessed with this fluffy bat from Monster Hunter: World

FakePlasticTree:A license to kill, if you will.

FakePlasticTree:I could just…pinch its little head off.

The video game voice actor strike is (tentatively) over

FakePlasticTree:What do you mean I’m not supposed to dry my cat off with the mircrowave?

Sony says handheld market is limited meaning the odds for a Vita 2 are low

FakePlasticTree:As long as developers like Atlus continue to support these consoles I will continue to play on them, but honestly I’ve bought plenty of great games on the Vita. The fact that I can play old classics on them is great too. Especially classics I never got around to play in the first place.

According to John Boyega, this is Star Wars Battlefront 2

FakePlasticTree:There can only be one Battlefront 2.

Swery’s The Good Life, now with dogs!

FakePlasticTree:This man gets it.

Gravity Rush 2 will close its on online services on its first anniversary

FakePlasticTree:This is the same issue I’ve had with Hitman, the fact that unlockables are tied to the online component and thus are only accessible through a limited time period. Manufacturers tried to sell consumers on the “always-online” narrative and it hasn’t worked out, still doesn’t. But some games do manage to make the online component work, and compliment the game like the Souls games. I know for sure I’ll be putting my attention back on Gravity Rush 2 soon. Anyway, onward!

Hollow brings spoopy space shenanigans to Steam and Switch

IT is the highest grossing horror film ever, but Kingsman: The Golden Circle is crowned

FakePlasticTree:I don’t get it at all! Arrrrrgggh!

Quickpost by Sir Shenanigans

FakePlasticTree:At the very least a Starbucks giftcard.

Quickpost by Dango

FakePlasticTree:Dango doing the lord’s work for anyone who want to pimp out their profile sidebars.

Quickpost by TricerArocK

FakePlasticTree:Tricer is now Switched on.

And that is it for this week! Tune in next time to see if Goku will finally have enough energy to launch the Spirit Bomb on LimoMaker, if Carmen Sandiego will be found, if Bowser will finally try online dating, if Chris Redfield will finally give up on the human race, and if Luffy will ever find that damn One Piece, whatever it is. But even better, you get to experience LimoMaker’s final CotW entry, presumably before he gets sent to hell by Goku. But of course he won’t…*whisper* he’ll be back in the sequel!

Stay healthy!