Comments of the Week 20: A British Hangover Cure


Beans and toast

This opening paragraph is normally the part I write last and, as such, I am writing it whilst still hungover from a stag-do last night, so I apologise if I get a word wrong here or tehre.

(For those in the land of the non-tea-lovers, a stag-do means “bachelor party.”)

So today, the hangover is king and for any others out there who had a wild Saturday night I feel your pain and empathises wholeheartedly. However, what better cure for the Sunday recovery than reading the best comments of the week?

This week you are hosted by me, your very own full English breakfast: TheLimoMaker!

[Editors Note: Normally this fine institution would clean up any grammatical or spelling errors for public consumption. However, it has been decided that in an effort to keep the author’s post-stag shame intact, the original work would be left as-is.]

Man, Twitter Users Can Craft Some Rad Zelda Art

TheLimoMaker:The way that punlinkedtogetehr was a thing of beauty.

Level-5 promising more weird Britons will ask you to solve riddles before they answer a simple question in 2018

TheLimoMaker:That matchstick guy was always a little wooden.

Review: A Hat in Time

TheLimoMaker:Those are some top hat puns!

PlayStation President Andrew House moving on from Sony

TheLimoMaker:The idea ofSilent Hillsever being made makes me pretty metal gear solid.

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game looks like a fitting adaptation

TheLimoMaker:For me, cyanide is happiness. It’s also candy for the kids at Halloween time.

Hilarious upcoming game stars Asshole Goose

TheLimoMaker:You could say… There is a goose that’s loose outside this hoose.

Mario Odyssey director re-iterates that lives are ‘not necessary,’ many would never see a game over screen

TheLimoMaker:Actually Shrek’s life matters, because Shrek is love.

Skyrim’s Survival mode is free this week

TheLimoMaker:My sentiments exactly.

TheLimoMaker:They aren’t paid mods Bethesda said so.

Blizzard is testing one big change to Overwatch’s Mercy


Nintendo’s ARMS is getting a series of graphic novels

TheLimoMaker:Congratulations, you win the pun of the week.

Is an Arcade Edition enough to ‘save’ Street Fighter V?

TheLimoMaker:He’s right you know

Master Chief is engraved on the inside of every Xbox One X

TheLimoMaker:DoesHalo 6andGears 5count?

Review: My Little Pony: The Movie

TheLimoMaker:I see… The moonlight.

TheLimoMaker:Wow that’s… Wow.

TheLimoMaker:Can someone make more Cartoon Network/Horror Movie mashups?

TheLimoMaker:No other skeleton comes close.

TheLimoMaker:I’d watch it. I saw the Emoji Movie, I’ll watch anything.

TheLimoMaker:*cries nostalgically*

TheLimoMaker:Both creatures in that image are food to me.

TheLimoMaker:Puns. Puns everywhere.

TheLimoMaker:A skeleton can’t go to the Halloween parties because they have no body to go with.

TheLimoMaker:Better than anything Konami is bringing out in the next year.

That’s it from me here folks, hopefully you have enjoyed this latest installment. If not please email FakePlasticTree and ask him to fire me I’m sure he would understand.

Also I would like to point out that we are now at least fiveCOTWarticles GameManiac-free.I urge next week’s host to keep it that way.

We don’t like germs here.