Conan O'Brien tackles Dragon Ball Legends on Clueless Gamer


First ever mobile game for the show

A new episode of Clueless Gamer has appeared online, in which comedian and video game “fan” Conan O’Brien is joined by a celebrity friend to tackle some of the latest releases.

This time around, for the first time on the show, Conan is checking out a mobile title, Namco Bandai’s anime-card-battler Dragon Ball Legends. O’Brien finds himself a little out of depths not only from the video game aspect, but also in the field of anime.

Fortunately he’s joined by actor and fellow comedian Ron Funches, who is well-versed in the ways of Goku and co. Perpetual punching bag Aaron also shows up to guide O’Brien on his quest to go Super Saiyan. Will he succeed? Check out the episode below and find out.

Dragon Ball Legends is available now on iOS and Android devices.