ConcernedApe hints that there will be boss fights in Haunted Chocolatier


Haunted Chocolatier is changing the game, literally

After the massive success of his debut title, Stardew Valley, fans of Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone have been waiting with bated breath for any and all updates on his next project, a similarly quaint-looking title called Haunted Chocolatier. As someone who has personally put way too many hours into Stardew, the promise of a whole new title to dive into is enough to keep me going until its release. Any small detail he gives away feels like a victory, which is why the news that his newest title will have boss fights is all the more exciting.

Barone appeared in a recent livestream from Reason Studios where he was discussing some of the music he is currently working on for Haunted Chocolatier. One of the tracks he shared was called “bee boss,” which is likely still a working title, and featured buzzing sounds like you would expect to hear from a bee. Barone may not have come out and said anything about bosses in the game specifically, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that they’re going to be there.

Barone has stated in previous interviews that while Haunted Chocolatier is set in the same universe as Stardew Valley, the game will be quite different and isn’t tied down to a “particular concept” as it is being developed. There weren’t any real boss battles at all in Stardew, meaning big changes to the more minimal combat systems we’re used to seeing from Barone’s first game. There’s no way to know for sure until Haunted Chocolatier is out, but from what we know so far, it seems like Barone is really growing a lot as a developer considering these new additions.

We still don’t know how much longer Barone plans to take developing Haunted Chocolatier, but in the meantime, we can watch the teaser trailer over again and drool over what’s to come.