Consoles will get Overcooked 2's New Game+ mode in early October


Fourth star, same tree

My wife and I made it our mission to three-star everything in Overcooked 2. We unlocked every secret level and character and kept pushing on until it was done. A lot of people seemingly felt the same, soGhost Town Games and Team 17 whipped up a New Game + mode to sate their appetites.

It’s been in the works for a while for consoles, but now we finally have a release window for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch: “early October.” As a reminder this mode is basically a hard mode and an extra challenge gametype in one. You’ll need to earn four starsnow (whoa) and the game will be tougher overall. It’ll allow you to replay every stage in the game with these new parameters.

The PC edition got New Game+ back in August, and just like on PC, the console update is free.

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