Contest: Bring Dafoe home with a PC copy of Beyond: Two Souls


Dafriend or Dafoe?

I’m pretty sure this is the only current contest on the internet featuring Willem Dafoe, so come win a PC copy of Beyond: Two Souls.

For anyone who’s been around here long enough, you’ll remember the days when you couldn’t go two front page posts without being reminded of Willem Dafoe. It’s been a while, but man those were crazy days. RIP Dafoetoid.

Let’s resurrect that creepy-faced bastard from the dead, and give away some copies of Beyond: Two Souls, starring Dafoe, himself. Also Ellen Page. Can’t forget her.

I’m going to copy and paste some PR because otherwise I’d just keep talking about Willem Dafoe.

A unique psychological-action-thriller featuring A-list Hollywood performances from Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, Beyond: Two Souls takes players on a thrilling journey across the globe as they play out the remarkable life of Jodie Holmes. Born with a connection to a mysterious entity with incredible powers, Jodie is different. Players’ actions will determine her fate as she faces extraordinary challenges, danger and heart-wrenching loss on a journey to discover the truth of who she is.

Players will be able to experience the entire Beyond: Two Souls story, complete with “Advanced Experiments” downloadable content and featuring stunningly optimized visuals, including 4K resolution, widescreen 21:9 compatibility and 60 fps frame-rate. Jodie’s story can be played in either cinematic or chronological order, and players can share the experience with a friend in local co-op mode.

4K Dafoe sounds….uh…….

To enter to win your copy, tell us what Willem Dafoe is doing right now. Imagine that creepy, large face of his staring at something. Following something. Consuming something. What is it? What’s happening? Why do I feel breathing down my neck? Dafoe is out there. Tell us about it.

We have three PC keys for the game to give away, redeemable from the Epic Games Store. Winners will be drawn Monday, August 5. Don’t have a Dtoid account? Sign up here to creep out your fellow internet denizens.

Beyond: Two Souls is available for consoles and PC now. Dafoetoid lives!