Learn what The Surge 2 is all about in just over a minute (hint: it's about dismemberment)


And upgrading so you can dismember some more

Just a few weeks ago I made sure people understood that Surge 2was notactually a follow-up to the popular sugary energy soda (does marketing use that term, if not they should) Surge, but a sequel to the 2017 action-RPG The Surge.

In addition to just being all-around better than the original in every conceivable way based on my playthrough of the first few hours, it also brings back some now-series staples, like dismemberment. As a recap you can choose which body part to slice off of an enemy, and as a reward for said choice, you might be gifted with a piece of gear that corresponds to that body part. So a helmet for a decapitation, and so on, which makes grinding materials and equipment a little more intuitive.

It’s a pretty easy concept to get the gist of, which is exactly why the new below gameplay trailer is just over a minute: it’s all you need to get the point across.The Surge 2 will arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 24.